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Special Brand Promotion Package for our Custom Shinguards We have sold to United Kingdom , United States, Netherlands, Estonia, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Poland & Denmark. We ship world-wide. Our Brand Promotion package will include:*Custom shinguards/Shinpads (Price £38) personalised to your own design*Shin socks ( £12) *Enigma Washable facemask (£10) *10% discount code with your IG username as the code (can be use for yourself or your followers) BUY NOW This package requires our customers to promote our shinpads / shinguards to their Instagram or Facebook for twice a period of a month. Those who opt this package needs to promote by including the details below:...

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Is sublimation printing good quality?
Sublimation printing produces a vibrant and high quality print on fabrics and materials. In comparison to other printing methods sublimation printing is the best process to produce a garment with endless design possibilities.

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Shin pads are essential for protection in sports such as football, hockey and cricket. But we are usually limited to boring designs available in the market. Why not spruce it up with more flair and character?

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