PSG 5S Football Teamwear

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Design : PSG 5S

Minimum Order of 5 pieces / sets required. Orders below the Minimum Order will be rejected and refund.

Designer : Enigma

  • Change to any colour scheme you wish
  • Add and remove unlimited graphics (Logo, sponsor etc)
  • Choose between our Dry-On Microfibre or Dry-On Interlock fabric.
  • Free to choose the type of collar / neck-line
  • Free to choose the type of fonts available
  • Minimum order of just 5 pieces / sets

After you ordered & made your payments please email the following details to

  1. Order form (Annex A) with details of sizes, players name & number
  2. Attach the team logo, sponsor or any other graphics you wish to have
  3. Number Fonts for player's name & numbers
  4. State you Order Number , name & order details


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